Palu Donga Natural Disaster

In September 2018, an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale followed by a tsunami rocked the Palu and Lombok regions. This earthquake is not the first, but it is the strongest earthquake ever to strike these areas.

Hearing this news, Daniprisma & Sriboga Group also mobilized 2 different teams, to go directly to provide reinforcements to the affected areas. The technical team from Samawa Graha Wisata was assigned to run the assistance program to Lombok, and the Palu area was held by the Alam Imagination technical team.

Starting from the distribution of basic necessities, tents for temporary shelter, sleeping equipment, medicines, construction of temporary schools, provision of clean water, toilets, and repair of places of worship. The aid was handed over directly to the affected people, for one month, right after the disaster occurred.