Biorock Sumbawa

As an archipelago country with ⅔ of its area covered by sea, and located between two oceans of the equator, Indonesia has been known to be rich in its marine life. Beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, coral reefs, and marine biota from hundreds of years ago are everywhere from Sabang to Marauke. Unfortunately, the beauty of Indonesia’s aquatic life has mostly been polluted by industrial and household waste, illegal fishing (bombing, trawling, hazardous chemicals), and many more.

With the current condition of Indonesia’s marine life, fishermen are forced to go further at sea to catch more fishes. By seeing this poor condition, all of us from Daniprisma company have committed to nourish Indonesia’s marine life back – starting from the beaches in Carita and Sumbawa.

We have started a coral reef health program called the Biorock system that involves several experts (Ph.D Doctors) from Institut Pertanian Bogor since 2012. Biorock is a method of building or transplanting coral reefs that is proven to restore the health and population of coral reefs in just three years. The results can be seen from sea animals starting to swim near the biorock by the beaches, and around the coral reefs.