Nurturing Indonesia’s Commodity


Nurturing Indonesia’s Commodity







Daniprisma was initially established as an operating company that aims to assist the development of Indonesian agriculture by direcly buying agricultural products from farmers who then distributed to local and international markets.

As the business developed, in 1994 PT Dani Prisma Mitra became a holding company various types of business and varied industries. Besides being a holding company in various industries, PT Dani Prisma Mitra also directly develops and invests in the line with goverment program that have been established from time to time, to support the welfare of the people’s economy, and also has a positive impacton the environment around Daniprisma’s location.

Since its establishment, Daniprisma as always focus on helping to build Indonesia through development and investment in agriculture (agricurtularal commodities trading). Now besides the agriculture, Daniprisma Operation has expanded more widely by making several key direct investments in the infrastucture and logistic industries.

We expect this investment speed up and assist current goverment programs, which focus on the industries. Daniprisma group will continue to grow and always see all oportunities in the future with our partner to be able to jointly form a corporation that has a positive impact on all business units that we live in.